Multimedia Slideshows

Photojournalism is a form of storytelling. It is one of many tools used for communicating a story, message or warning. Other tools at our disposal are the written word, video and sound. I find that the combination of photographs with natural sound is a potent mix for evoking emotion when telling a story. Add that to a finely crafted tale and you have an unbeatable combination.

Presented here is a selection of audio slideshows put together in Soundslides.



Waghdan Aljayashee, a 12-year-old Iraqi girl, traveled across the world to have skin graft surgery at Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati. During the ordeal, which lasted two days, she had skin harvested from her back and grafted onto her chest to replace massive scar tissue. Her recovery lasted much longer and relied on the kindness of Shriners and her host family in Lexington. She was severely burned when battling U.S. and Iraqi forces sparked a fire on the farm where she lived.


The Keeneland Spring Meet is out of the starting gate and rounding the first turn.

Many racing enthusiasts consider Keeneland to be one of the most beautiful thoroughbred tracks in the country and will travel from all over just to experience it for themselves.


The Triple A Dance Group is a prevention and intervention program that uses Zuni traditional social dancing as a way of keeping kids off drugs, alcohol and other influences. The acronym, AAA, translates to “Zuni children are precious” in the Zuni language.


Eastern Kentucky University professor, Neil Pederson, led a group of students into the Daniel Boone National Forest to core and measure trees in a recently identified patch of old growth forest near London, Kentucky.